The town of Sosúa and its amenities

Sosúa is a small resort town of approx. 20,000 inhabitants, located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

25 km to the East you will find Puerto Plata, the third largest city in the country. Santiago, the second largest city, is 75 km away. 10 km to the west you will find Cabarete, which is world-famous for its Kite and Windsurfing conditions. The Samaná peninsula is located 200 km to the West.

Thanks to the constant trade winds coming from the Atlantic, Sosúa enjoys a very pleasant climate. Sosúa Beach lies within a bay that is protected by a barrier reef and its calm waters invite the swimmers who have come to enjoy the beach. The daytime temperature changes little between summer and winter, and lies between 30 and 33°. Winter nights, however, are cooler, with temperatures dipping down to 22° Celsius.

The whole area around Puerto Plata, which includes Sosúa, is naturally protected from hurricanes. In fact, a central mountain range, the "Cordillera Central", which rises to 3,400 meters, creates a rebound effect when a hurricane passes, which is then diverted to the East. In the last few decades, Sosúa has not seen the eye of a storm. So much for the physical and geophysical aspects.

Sosúa boast about fifty restaurants, ranging from the simple hut to the luxury establishment, with their fish, chicken and rice in addition totheir local and European dishes, including pizzerias and other Italian specialties, as well as French, German and Spanish restaurants. In short, there is something for everybody's taste.

The french restaurant " Ho la vache "
The best spagettis of Sosua

Restaurant " el Baileys "

Banks: All the major banks operating in the country have offices in Sosúa: Banco Popular, Banco del Progreso, etc. Each bank has an ATM machine, allowing withdrawals with a Visa or MasterCard. It is quite possible for a foreigner to open a bank account, either in the local currency (Dominican Pesos) or in U.S. Dollars or Euros.

The bank " Banco Popular "

Sosúa also offers several supermarkets, where you will find everything you expect to find back home, whether you are looking for meat products, cheese, produce, wine or other alcoholic beverages.

The supermarket " El Playero "

A private clinic opened up in Sosúa two years ago, offering services in all medical specialties.
NOTEWORTHY: health insurance with a 100 % coverage (excluding medication) costs about US$30.00 per person per month..

The private clinic of Sosua " CMC "

Moreover, whether you are looking for a deli, a furniture or appliance store, a hardware store, a place selling building materials, a pharmacy, a clothing store, a jewelry or a car dealership, you will find everything right in Sosúa, without the need to go shopping in other cities..

DIY equipment
Internet Cafe
Bank exchange
Telephone (operator Orange)

Gymnasium of Sosua
Appliances and furniture dealer " Papatera "

Stables: For horse lovers, Angela will receive you in her stable and provide you with a real thoroughbred.

Haras of Angela

Sosúa is primarily Latin and Caribbean; joie de vivre is a constant here and friendliness is the basis for interpersonal relationships. First, be happy, and the rest will follow. This gives a cheerful tone to every-day living.

Scuba diving center
Park of Sosua

How do residents spend their time in Sosúa?
First of all, let me tell you that there is no such thing as a classic time schedule, which would apply to everybody.
We all have our own lives, personalities and attitudes that are different from everybody else's. However, Sosúa is a small town, and the activities are those of a small town, namely comradeship with each other; I would say that almost everyone knows everyone else, and the greatest pleasure is engaging in simple interactions and exchanges with the neighbors, the hairdresser, the baker, the "mototaxi" driver, etc.

Most of the time, the social scene is the beach; there are plenty of small bars and restaurants belonging to Germans, Canadians, Swiss, etc. where one can enjoy a cup of coffee and some interesting conversation.

For night owls, there are the discos.

Everybody is drawn towards his own group of people, but different groups intermingle quite frequently;differences exist, but we accept these differences.

Weekends are ideal for outings. This is a large country, and there are many tourist and non-tourist attractions to choose from. Moreover, everyone has their hobbies; for some it is golf, while others prefer scuba diving, fishing, tinkering or a wide range of other activities. This adds pleasure and spice to the daily routine.

One must, however, understand that the pace is slow on the island, that it is a Caribbean rhythm, where one takes time to enjoy living, where pleasure is important, be it when it comes to eating, to meeting friends, to going out, etc.

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