Useful Addresses and Information:

Official language of the Dominican Republic: Spanish

Local currency: The Dominican Pesos (DOP), click here for to-day's rate of exchange:

The tourist sector
also uses the U.S. Dollar. For US$ / Euro conversion rate click here:

Standard of living:

For the same standard of living, or even higher than in Europe and the United States, you will on the average spend less than half; in other words, the cost of living is about 50 % of what you would spend elsewhere.

Minimum wage in the Dominican Republic: RD$6,000.00 = 160.00 US$

Income tax: None

Property tax: assessed on real estate property of more than, or equal to RD$5,000,000.00 (approx. US$125,000.00). In most cases the tax value of a property is set well below its real value (which is completely legal). Therefore, most houses and villas are not subject to property taxation.

It is quite possible for a foreigner to open a bank account, whether in DOP, U.S. $ or Euros.

Steps for buying a property in the Dominican Republic: click here.

How to become a resident in the Dominican Republic: click here.

Taxes and taxation in Dominican Republic: click here.

Health Insurance:
With the "Humano" Insurance it will cost you US$ 30.00 per month for full coverage, 100% whatsoever for surgery, hospitalization costs ... Medication is not included in the package. The "Humano" Insurance, one of the most prestigious health insurance companies in the Dominican Republic, with agreements with all major hospitals, clinics and specialists in the country, is also represented in Sos˙a.

English-speaking Notary in Sos˙a :

Mrs. Maria Elena Gratereaux :
Phone : + 1 809 571 97 85
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English-speaking Attorney in Sos˙a :
Mrs. Jeanette Garcia :
Phone : + 1 809 571 04 72
Cell phone : + 1 809 613 13 18
E-mail :

Renting a car in the Dominican Republic:
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