The construction of your Palapa or Guesthouse:
Price: US$ 37 000 (Outside living, 1/2 bath) and US$ 54 680 (Outside living, full bath, bedroom

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Construction : 37 m2 or 58.7 m2

  • Exists in two versions:

  • Outside living, 1/2 bath, storage, and pool equipment
  • Outside living, full bath, storage, and bedroom

  • A palapa is an entertaining dream space that adds covered living area to any villa. Set beside the pool, a palapa offers a half bath; generous living room or dining room; cooking area; storage; bedroom or place for pool equipment.

  • The built-in BBQ/grill, fridge, and sink are an extra kitchen and cooking area for hot days, and a also a great place to entertain during pool parties or warm evenings. The bath is a great alternative for swimmers instead of using the inside villa washrooms. The storage room provides a personal lock-up area for owners who rent their villas, and is also great place to store large items like golf clubs.

  • Many clients choose a palapa with extra bedroom - making an instant guest house for company.

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