Sosa Beach

Satellite view

Aerial view

Sosa Beach (approx. 1 km long) or, to be more precise, Sosa Bay is protected by a coral reef, which absorbs the wave action, leaving picture-book perfect turquoise waters for the swimmers to enjoy. Here are some pictures.

The fine sand is creamy-white, and the water temperature hovers around 28 Celsius.
Deck chairs can be rented for 2 Euros per day. Everything is at your fingertips: a cool glass of orange juice, a tall pia colada, excellent local rum, fried fish, etc. One of the many beach restaurants will be happy to bring you your order; so there is no need to get up from your chair. A fried fish platter, including a drink, will cost approx. 400 Pesos, i.e. 8 Euros.

You will also find a multitude of souvenir shops on the beach, offering cigars, fabrics, nave Haitian paintings, stones and semi-precious jewelry-in short, everything to satisfy your search for typical souvenirs to take back home.

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